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Hee-Ah Yoon Season 2

Character Name
Full Name Hee-Ah Yoon
Gender Female
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Green
Personal Info
Status Active
Family Hee-Ong Yoon (younger brother)
Love Interests Kei Joon (possibly)
Media Debut
Hee-Ah Yoon is the supporting main character in the manhwa series, Wonted. She is the older sister of Hee-Ong Yoon and is currently working with Kei Joon as his employer.


She has long green hair and green eyes. Compared to Wonted, in Cacophony and Noise, her hair is longer and she looks more mature. 


Hee-Ah has a calm and collected personality. She doesn't often show much emotion and is mature. She is quiet, bunt and reserved and has a pleasant nature. She is firm and polite, even when she is in a bad or angry mood. Furthermore, she is extremely responsible and this is shown when she scolds Kae Joon for slacking off during work.



Hee-Ah appears first in Wonted while she is visiting her younger brother, Hee-Oong Yoon, along with her friend, Hanna. There, she crashes into Kae Joon, thus their first meeting. Hanna gives Kae Hee-Ah's number, telling him that Hee-Ah would call him if she ever needed any help. Eventually, Kae forgets about her but the two meet again later on under very similar circumstances.



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