Hee-Ong Yoon

Hee-Oong Yoon 6 Years Ago

Hee-Oong Yoon 6 Years Later

Hee-Ong Season 2

Character Name
Full Name Hee-Ong Yoon
Age 18 (wonted)

24 (cacophony)

Gender Male
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Red
Personal Info
Status Active
  • Unnamed father
  • Unnamed mother
  • Hee-Ah Yoon (older sister)
Love Interests Bora Hwang
Esper Abilities Mind Control
  • Detective
  • Wonted Leader
Affiliation Wonted
Enemies Kei Joon
Media Debut
Manhwa Prologue
Didn't I tell you...That I will make you carry your sins without crushing you? You cannot escape the Wonted.

–Hee-Ong Yoon to Kei Joon, in Prologue

Hee-Ong Yoon is the main antagonist of the manhwa series, Wonted. He was Kei Joon's former friend and is currently the enemy. 


Young Hee Oong Yoon

Childhood year.

Hee-Ong is considered to be handsome by the other characters. He has short red hair and red eyes and is also quite tall.

From his childhood years to his teenage years, most of his features never changed but his style definitely did as he now only wears smart clothes.




  • Mind Control. Originally this was restricted to controlling only one persona at a time, making him unable to control Gargoyles due to their dual personalities. However, after sacrificing his ability to see from one eye, he is able to control two personas at a time and hence, control Gargoyles



Hee-Ong cares for his Hee-Ah Yoon and worries when she is out with a boy. He currently lives with his sister and she doesn't know that he's associated with Wonted.

It's not said much but Hee-Ong doesn't pay much attention to his mother and always puts his sister before her. Though he does listen to her. He got his aggressive side from her too.

His father is only mentioned once in the manhwa but it's said from his mother that he had taken his attitude from him.


The first time that Hee-Ong and Kei was when Kei had accidentally given him a paper cut. Hee-Ong became rude to him after that but after the attack from Sah Yoon, Kei tried becoming friends with him. Though it bothered him, he was able to make a bet with Kei and soon after high school and after a tragic incident Ah-Jin Moon was in, the two became enemies and therefore now Kei's main objective is to hunt down Wonted.

Sah Yoon was associated with Hee-Ong for quite a while until he switched over to Kei. He is also the ex-boyfriend of Bora Hwang who is currently Hee-Ong's girlfriend.

Love InterestsEdit

Hee-Ong was the first person that Bora Hwang had not been able to seduce with her looks and it interested her. During their first meeting, Hee-Ong knew she was an Esper but didn't really care. It was then seen that he had actually gone on dates with her and during the time of high school, he and Bora had started to officially date.


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